“Precision – Innovation – Flexibility” is the motto of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik. Our corporate structure allows all our employees to make it part of their daily lives. As an owner-operated, medium-sized system supplier of grinding and dressing tools, Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is unique.


Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik guarantees outstanding precision through the long-term retention of its employees and providing a high level of training. A certified integrated management system ensures compliance with the highest quality standards. Products from Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik meet the highest market requirements for precision and quality. To do this, we continuously develop and refine our products and production methods. Ongoing investments in manufacturing and measurement technologies provide the basis for excellent production conditions.


Continuous improvement is a key priority of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik. Our focus is always on increasing the benefit to the customer. We achieve this by continuously adapting and upgrading the performance of our products. For customers, this means the relationship with Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is always closer than that with a normal supplier. Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik sees itself as a partner to its customers because this is the only way to ensure an optimum understanding and improvement of grinding processes. Close partnerships with leading German research institutions, membership of the Association of German Abrasives Manufacturers (VDS) and the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (OSa), and the certification of the company’s energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 show that innovations at Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik are always driven from within.


Short communication paths and flat hierarchies enable the group to achieve unparalleled flexibility. Over 7000 customers can confirm this. Our ability to respond quickly to customer requests – in combination with flexible production processes – permits extremely short delivery times when these are required. “Known consignor” status for air freight ensures an efficient supply chain.

Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik supplies customers from the following sectors: automotive & powertrain, energy and process technology, electronics & electrical engineering, plastics and composites, aerospace, medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering, metal working and processing, optics and technical ceramics, the turbine industry, tool and mould making.