The corporate policy of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is based on a shared basic understanding of socially responsible corporate management. This means that we take responsibility for our company by considering the consequences of our business decisions and actions in economic, technological, social and environmental terms, and striking a fair balance between the interests of all parties involved.

Corporate philosophy

The corporate philosophy of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is underpinned by three guiding principles: precision, innovation and flexibility.

Sustainable principles

Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik voluntarily contributes to the well-being and sustainable development of society within the limits of its means and capabilities. In these activities, we are guided by generally accepted ethical values and principles – above all, by integrity, fairness and respect for human dignity.

Any form of discrimination based on race, nationality, religion or belief, disability, age, gender, sexual identity, ethnic origin or other characteristics is prohibited.

Integrity in our behaviour

We expect all our employees to behave responsibly. All our employees therefore assume personal responsibility for their behaviour. They are expected to act in accordance with their conscience and their best understanding of the facts. They must also respect the reputation of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik when performing their duties.

Professional commitment

Strong individual commitment and professional competence make an essential contribution to the company’s ability to compete successfully in the market. Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik believes it is particularly important to develop expert knowledge among its employees by providing training and qualifications as well as promoting special skills and initiative.


Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik has a zero tolerance policy for white collar crime and corrupt behaviour of all kinds.

Falsification or influencing the competition through bribery is not permitted. Employees of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik must not exploit business relationships to the detriment of the company.

Gratuities and bribes of all kinds to employees of business partners, authorities/government representatives or public officials with the aim of obtaining orders or improper advantages for Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik or third parties are prohibited in accordance with §§ 331, 332, 333, 335 StGB (German penal code). In particular, the offering, granting, requesting or accepting of bribes, illegal payments and clandestine commission payments are strictly prohibited.

Dealings with business partners and authorities

Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik places a high value on dealing fairly with business partners as well as respecting all applicable antitrust, competition, economic and trade laws. These laws regulate the ways that Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is required to behave towards its competitors, contractors and third parties. Every employee is therefore obliged to comply with these laws.

In order to ensure a trusting partnership, it is important to comply with the instructions of state authorities while also taking account of the statutory rights of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik.

Gratuities, gifts, invitations, or other personal benefits that could influence decision-making are prohibited both during working hours and leisure time. Invitations to and participation in business meals are only permitted in normal business settings. Gifts may be given or accepted only if they conform to normal business practices and a failure to give/accept them would be considered unfriendly. Employees of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik are not permitted to accept financial benefits or other non-cash benefits (such as vouchers) for personal gain. Private business or other relationships between employees and business partners of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik, which could unduly influence decision-making and the work of the employees at Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik, are prohibited.

Integrated management system

Sustainability, quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and energy efficiency are important competitive factors which contribute to the enhancement of customer satisfaction and thus to securing the future of our company.

For this reason, Effgen Schleiftechnik has operated a comprehensive, integrated management system based on a quality management system since 1994. It complies with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as wide ranging regulations regarding sustainability, environmental management, occupational health and safety, and the automotive industry. In addition, Effgen Schleiftechnik has had a certified energy management system compliant with DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2016. Lapport Schleiftechnik has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1997.

Management manual

DThe management manual defines our company’s sustainability, quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and energy policies. It is an appropriate description of the integrated management system for our company. It enables us to ensure that we plan, manage, and monitor all technical, commercial, and organisational processes that affect the satisfaction of our business partners and relevant interested parties.

With this declaration of principles, the management of Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik commits itself and its employees to supporting sustainable, quality conscious, environmentally aware, and energy saving activities as well as to the safe organisation of operations and workplaces.

Suppliers and subcontractors

We also expect our suppliers to follow the corporate policies described here, to communicate these to their subcontractors, and take them into account during tendering processes. Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik expects its suppliers and their subcontractors to comply with their statutory obligations and pursue the corporate goals formulated in this document.

Energy management system

With the introduction of an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001: 2011, Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik has made a strategic commitment to systematically identifying and evaluating potential energy savings, setting up an energy controlling system, and developing the measures necessary to meet the organisational and technical challenges faced by a modern, future-oriented company. Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is aware of its responsibility to use energy as efficiently as possible – both technically and economically.

Energy efficiency

The company examines and evaluates the legal, economic, and ecological aspects of every energy efficiency measure. Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik constantly strives to optimise the energy efficiency of its processes. Effgen Lapport Schleiftechnik is thus protecting resources for future generations and will continue to be competitive in the international labour market. These savings measures are implemented with the involvement of all employees in order to secure jobs for the future.

Air freight

Effgen Schleiftechnik has known consignor status for air freight and is therefore authorised to send air freight “securely”. The company complies with the applicable customs, import and export control laws regulating international transactions.

Information and data protection

Internal company and trade secrets, as well as personal data, are protected. We treat the commercial and operational secrets of our business partners in the same way. We collect, process and use personal data only to the extent permitted by law. The use of this data is traceable for all concerned. We use confidential information from our business partners only to fulfil the tasks assigned to us. All employees comply with the regulations for secrecy and data protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).