Synthetic resin bonded grinding tools are highly abrasive and characterised by cool, “gentle” grinding of the workpiece with a high stock removal rate. They are preferred for grinding carbide, cermet, high-alloy steels and other metallic materials.

A further development of the synthetic resin bond is the metal hybrid bond. This combines the advantages of synthetic resin and sintered metal bonds. The metal hybrid bond offers enhanced grain retention, wear resistance, thermal resistance, and thermal conductivity. Yet, it still offers good dressing capacity. The specific combination of different bonding properties significantly increases the performance of the grinding tool

The elastic bond with ultra-hard grain material is another innovation from Effgen Schleiftechnik. Originally developed for polishing functional surfaces on cutting tools, it significantly improves surface quality and reduces chipping. In addition, when combined with customised processing parameters, it permits targeted rounding of the cutting edge. This bonding system is also used for fine grinding and polishing of optical, ceramic and other metallic materials.

Synthetic resin bonded grinding tools are available in the diameter range from 4 to 750 mm and maximum widths up to 500 mm.