In the electroplated bond, the grain is bound to the body by an electroplated coating (preferably nickel). The high strength of the electroplated bond allows the bonding layers to be thin and a larger proportion of the grain to protrude. Grinding tools with an electroplated bond are characterised by excellent cutting and grinding performance.

Grinding tools with an electroplated bond can be produced as profile grinding wheels with a high degree of accuracy. We manufacture the bodies according to customer drawings. A fresh abrasive coating with an electroplated bond can be applied to worn grinding tools.

The main areas of application are the grinding of carbide, pre-sintered ceramics, ferrites, carbon brushes, graphite, thermosetting plastics and fibre-reinforced plastics, such as CRP and GRP, during wet and dry roughing, finishing and fine grinding.

Grinding tools with electroplated bonds are available in diameters ranging from 0.3 to 1,200 mm. The maximum available width depends on the diameter and is up to 1,200 mm. Typical tolerances for profile tools between 400 and 600 mm in diameter are in the range ± 0.02 mm. Tolerances up to ± 0.003 mm are possible on request.